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Maths at

Hiltingbury Infant School

At Hiltingbury Infant School we aim to instill a love of Maths and encourage children to become confident learners.


It is important that the children develop a positive attitude towards Maths and understand its use in everyday life.  Maths equips children with a powerful set of tools to understand and change the world, such as logical reasoning and problem solving skills.  Maths can be a creative subject, giving rise to moments of wonder when a child solves a problem for the first time or suddenly sees a hidden connection.



At Hiltingbury we aim to build essential mathematical knowledge, develop and embed key skills and challenge and extend the children’s thinking.   Children are given the opportunity to do practical investigative and written work.  There is an emphasis on mental and oral work using a wide range of strategies.  We make learning experiences enjoyable, motivating and exciting and encourage all children to participate. We provide open-ended problems for the children to solve, which help to foster an enquiring mind where Maths is seen as a challenge rather than a chore. 


In Year R we teach the children about number (including addition and subtraction,) shape, space and measure. In Years 1 & 2 we teach the children about number and place value, the 4 operations, fractions, measures such as length, weight and time, geometry of both shape and position and statistics. 


At Hiltingbury we provide opportunities for cross-curricular and real world contexts where the children can work independently and collaboratively.  Our ‘Thinking Puppets’ underpin these ideals.  In Maths we particularly focus on Sidney the Gorilla for investigative work, Georgie the Giraffe for self-assessment and Frankie the Fox for ’having a go.’ We encourage confident, independent and successful learners. To find out more about this click on the page below.

Every year we hold a ‘Maths week’ where we focus on a particular topic. Over the past few years the children have enjoyed a range of activities based on, for example, ‘Shape and space;’ ‘Maths through stories’ and ‘Measuring.’  The emphasis is on practical investigative activities, many of which take place out doors.  One day is also given over to mixed age group activities based on that year’s topic.  Parents are invited into school to take part in maths activities with their children and the learning is shared across the school at the end of the week.

Our high standards in Maths teaching have been acknowledged and praised by

Ofsted -  October 2010

“Children (in Year R) make good progress in their learning, particularly in their problem solving, reasoning and number skills."


“Attainment is exceptionally high in Mathematics.”


“In mathematics teachers are particularly successful at building pupils’ mathematical knowledge and understanding and are adept at providing practical activities that enable them to apply their learning well.  This results in outstanding progress in Mathematics.”


Parents are encouraged to support their children’s learning.  Information about each child’s progress is shared at parents evenings.  Information about our curriculum is shared during Maths week and half termly curriculum letters.

If you are keen to extend your children’s learning at home then try these websites:

Maths Curriculum Overview - Yr1 and Yr2


Awards we have achieved so far.