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Our Curriculum

Hiltingbuy Infant School seeks to develop the talents of our children beyond the national expectations through an integrated and creative curriculum. We want our children to be confident, successful and responsible lifelong learners who enjoy and value themselves. The curriculum has been built around the needs of our children and it delivers the ambitions of our school as well as addressing national statutory requirements.  It is designed to foster the development of the whole child through our integral Essential Life Skills and it includes progression, continuity and challenge. Children’s learning is at the heart of everything we do at Hiltingbury, it happens through reflection and analysis of real experiences; by making choices and decisions that involve feelings and emotions as well as intellect and reason.


Leading on from our child-initiated curriculum in Year R, we aim to foster children’s interests and make learning relevant and exciting for all. The creative curriculum encourages children to work collaboratively, whilst encouraging independent learning through topics that capture children’s current interests. Teachers thrive on planning creative and memorable experiences within the learning environment. Children have many first hand experiences to enrich their learning. The recent Robin Hood theatre production enhanced our Literacy Week engaging and enthusing the children around a range of literacy based activities throughout the school.


We also enhance the curriculum by offering many extra-curricular activities including football, cricket, dance, multiskills, French, choir and recorder club.







“ The curriculum is rich and diverse and there is a carefully constructed balance between basic skills in literacy and numeracy and the development of pupils’ performance and skills in subjects such as ICT, history, geography and the arts. It is underpinned by a sensitive and supportive programme of personal, social and health education. In addition, the curriculum is enriched by a wide range of visits and extra-curricular activities.” Ofsted 2010

Picture 1 Investigating creative ways to create aliens.
Picture 2 M&M productions - Robin Hood.
Picture 3 Building words

Our curriculum design enables children to...

  • Develop personal qualities and  a sense of identity and belonging as well as empathy with the diverse range of people in the world
  • Appreciate the interdependence of individuals and society
  • Have a growing awareness of health and wellbeing so that they can make healthy and ethical choices to ensure their emotional, physical and social well being.
  • Have curious minds and be critically aware
  • Link learning to big issues, international dimension, active citizenship and community participation
  • Be made more aware of global dimensions and sustainability
















Teaching and Learning opportunities

  • Promote a positive school ethos in which we recognise and reward children's achievements
  • Use assessment to improve learning first and foremost
  • Give children the opportunity to develop personally, socially and emotionally
  • Offer our children the opportunity for discovery through creative, problem solving and practical learning where they are encouraged to articulate what they think, feel and imagine
  • Are practically based and include child initiated learning
  • Promote independence, creativity and enterprise
  • Focus on transferable skills;- on the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’
  • Use knowledge actively as a cornerstone for creativity and problem solving
  • Are technologically rich
  • Have high regard for basic skills
  • Are organised in a range of ways and staff are encouraged to be innovative and imaginative


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