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Physical Education at

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At Hiltingbury Infant School we provide children with physical opportunities in a fun and exciting way. We recognise the importance of children’s postural development, co-ordination and dexterity, as well as sport specific skills. Our broad, balanced and engaging PE programme wishes that all children have lifelong participation and an embedded love for sports. Understanding the importance for exercise and the need for a healthy, balanced lifestyle is covered through PE sessions and cross-curricular links with Science and PSHE. Children experience a variety of team games, co-operating and competing fairly to understand their own and each others role in the game. Building this awareness is crucial to their success.


Physical Education in the Foundation Stage encompasses structured physical education sessions inside and numerous opportunities in free flow using the outside space. Outside, children enjoy using the climbing frame apparatus, moving freely around the playground as well as more focussed activities such as throwing a ball or skipping.

Children learn how to move confidently in a variety of ways. Children use small and large equipment to develop their fine and gross motor skills in order to gain control and co-ordination in large and small movements. Through games they learn to adjust their speed or direction to safely negotiate space.


In Year 1, children experience a multi-skills approach to physical activity with focus on agility, balance and co-ordination. We believe that these skills are crucial and transferrable to play specific sports. Our children participate in games sessions using external coaches from R & R for key sports such as tennis, cricket and basketball. Children are starting to play more in teams and are developing their tactical strategies. Hall sessions cover gymnastic development of body movement with jumps and balancing. Using the PE Premium funding, we have received dance coaching from the Wakey Wakey Dance company who help the children to move creatively in time to music and perform a simple dance routine.



Year 2 sees children continuing to develop their transferrable and sports specific skills. This academic year children have received their games sessions from R & R, motivating children and staff alike. These sessions have provided more competitive opportunities against themselves and their peers which have truly driven and enthused our passionate children. Sports including football, tennis and hockey have been delivered.

Gymnastic development continues with creating and demonstrating their own sequences and more complex self-balancing exercises at different levels. At this level of education, our children use reflective learning techniques, and we have using Georgie Giraffe (link to puppets hyperlink) to improve their own work and others. As in Year 1, this year children have received dance sessions from Wakey Wakey dance including a G & T activity.

We firmly believe a strong mind and healthy body at a very young age will enhance each pupil’s ability to succeed in life and become responsible citizens in our challenging global society. We believe that sport provides physical, social and emotional well being for our children and it is our wish to foster attitudes of enjoyment, participation, challenge and a love of physical activity for its own sake.


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