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'Hiltingbury Heroes' Learner for Life Skills

Learner for life skills are thoroughly embedded into our curriculum using our ‘Hiltingbury Heroes’ who can be found in every classroom. Their job is to facilitate the children in becoming ‘Successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens’. Each ‘Hiltingbury Hero’ has a set of skills that are distinctive and coherent; they are also interlinked. Click on each of our heroes above to see their unique skills and how they develop. Children are likely to encounter skills from several groups in any one experience. In order to acquire and develop fundamental concepts such as organising oneself, managing change, taking responsibility and perseverance, children will need to apply skills from all six ‘Heroes’ in a wide range of learning contexts.

If your child in Year R comes home wearing a sticker with one of the puppets on, you know they have been rewarded for showing one of these Essential Life Skills in their learning! In KS1 children are working towards completing their Learner for Life passports, demonstrating these skills throughout the year in all aspects of school life. If they complete their passport they will receive a Learner for Life badge from the Headteacher that they can wear with pride.

To find out more about our Hiltingbury Heroes; Learners for Life ...