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Regular school attendance and punctuality is vital.  National evidence shows that children who attend regularly achieve higher standards and progress in their work.  They are also able to mix more easily with friends and form relationships.

Please can you help us by:

  • Never letting your child stay at home unless you are certain that they have a genuine (usually medical) reason for doing so.
  • Making sure that your child arrives on time between 8:45 and 8:55 am.  Children who arrive late find it difficult to catch up with lessons being taught.
  • Avoiding making dental or doctors appointments during school time unless absolutely necessary.

  Link to NHS Website

  Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (


When a child is absent from school due to illness please inform the school office by telephone on the first morning of absence or by note and state the reason. 

Advance notice of a dental or medical appointment in school hours is required in writing and needs to be authorised by the Headteacher.  Please inform us if a school lunch is required that day.

No child is permitted to leave school during school hours unless previous permission has been given by the Headteacher.

To request leave from school in exceptional circumstances please complete this form: Leave of absence form 

Please note since Government legislation in 2013 the school cannot authorise leave of absence for holidays.

Attendance Policy to follow