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PSHE and SMSC at Hiltingbury Infant School

PSHE at Hiltingbury

We believe that PSHE and Citizenship promotes pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepares all pupils for the opportunities, responsibility and experiences of life. PSHE is a fundamental part of school life that is not only taught in its own right, but is also linked throughout all other subjects and embedded throughout the schools Learner for Life Skills. Through our PSHE curriculum and our Learner for Life Skills we aim to develop each child’s self-esteem as well as their appreciation of the views, opinions and cultures of other people. They are taught to be increasingly aware about their own rights, respects and responsibilities through a wide range of activities. Through a range of such activities we aim to provide each child with the life skills that are essential to be a citizen in the 21st century.

SMSC at Hiltingbury Infant School

Vision Statement

Spirituality, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development supports the rights and responsibilities of the child. As well as contributing towards the whole school values and ethos, it leads to children becoming life-long learners who make a positive contribution to our world, preparing them for life in modern Britain.

At Hiltingbury Infant school we promote SMSC through:

At Hiltingbury Infant school we promote SMSC through a wide range of exciting, interactive and fun ways. A range of examples are detailed below:

Spiritual development at Hiltingbury Infant School

  • RE Curriculum-intercultural days an church visits

  • PSHE/SEAL including circle time

  • Golden rules

  • Christopher cockerel

  • Reflective learner-traffic lights, 2 stars and a wish, assessment for learning

  • Awe and wonder reflections

  • Effective participator

  • Welly walks

  • Arts week

  • Celebration assemblies-in and out of school celebrations

  • Behaviour management

  • Celebrating special occasions for children

  • Shake rattle and roll music workshops

  • Visits to local churches and church assemblies in school

  • Bird feeders

  • Andy Goldsworthy outdoor art

Moral development at Hiltingbury Infant School

  • Sustainability-Water buts, planting areas
  • School council

  • Busy bees-going green

  • Barton Peveril, local sixth form college, came in to show performances

  • Transition detectives-good choices

  • Self manager-decision making

  • SEAL-RE curriculum/circle time

  • Links with others-ethical issues: Davids School & Kenya tourism

  • Charity work-charity days

  • Church assemblies, HT assemblies

  • Effective participators

  • Rocket behaviour system

  • Top Table in the dinner hall

  • Red hats on playground

Social development at Hiltingbury Infant School

  • Circle time

  • Snack time

  • Top table in dinner hall

  • ELSA, time to talk, narrative groups

  • Friendship groups (Buddy Bench)

  • Transition detectives. YR, Y1 and Y2.

  • Productions-Christmas, leavers assembly, class assemblies, topic events

  • External visitors including church, sports coaches, artists, theatre, SAINTS football club, Hampshire cricket

  • Family picnics

  • Show and tell

  • Assemblies

  • Golden rules rocket

  • Effective communicator

  • Thinking and learning skills-teamwork puppets

  • Sharing events with governors, parents, playgroups, churches, local residential homes

  • Sports day

  • Teddy bears picnic with pre-schools

Cultural development at Hiltingbury Infant School

  • Lloyd lion effective participators

  • Christmas productions-different countries

  • Zoom about project-my local area

  • Geography projects linked to debates-Africa, David’s school

  • Year 1 food festival

  • Celebration assemblies

  • Music of the week in singing assembly

  • World cup Olympics

  • Multi-cultural days-e.g. St Georges day, Chinese new year, Bastille Day

  • Hiltingburys Got Talent

  • Sidney Gorilla-research other cultures/ask questions

  • Lloyd Lion effective participators

  • Winchester students in for art

  • Barton Peveril performances

  • Arts weeks-cross culture (cartoon artist)

  • Visits to local churches and church assemblies in school

  • Assemblies

  • External sports e.g. Bollywood dancing, tennis

  • Shake rattle and roll music workshops

  • Music at lunchtimes