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Pupil Voice

School Council

School Council is an extension of the Learner for Life Skills that are at the heart of the curriculum at our school. The school council are elected through a democratic vote in each class. We have two representatives from each class that attend the school council meetings.

Through School Council, all pupils are given a VOICE and have the chance to ask questions, discuss issues and make a positive contribution to our school.

Pupil council meets every few weeks. It gives pupils:

  • a say in the way the school is run
  • a voice in school matters
  • the opportunity to talk about feelings towards our school and our teachers
  • a chance to make changes for the better in our school
  • a forum for discussion

All pupils are involved though questionnaires, class discussion and reporting back in assemblies and have a right to reply through class representatives or the School Council.

Learning Council

Learning council members are chosen by the class teachers and are from our KS1 classes. The Learning Council meet regularly with the Headteacher to help make positive contributions and decisions for our school. In the past they developed the passports for our Learner for Life Skills and have worked in partnership with our junior school sharing the schools Learner for Life skills and seeing how these are built upon as children transition to Hiltingbury Junior School. They also made a very positive contribution to our Outstanding Ofsted.