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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

We are Beech, Hazel and Chestnut Class



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 Year 1 topics

Autumn term

Our topic is…


To kick off the school year, we learn about how to keep ourselves healthy in our topic Happy and Healthy. We learn all about the human body and how to keep it healthy.

We learn about foods from all around the world, discovering where some of our favourite foods originate from and locating the countries on a world map. Our Food Festival kicks off our year as we explore our taste buds, thinking of adjectives to describe foods we like and dislike.

Our book for this half term is Handa’s Surprise and we practise retelling the story, acting it out along the way. We write our own versions of the story and perform these using the ipads.

We become Creative Thinkers as we make our own fruit kebabs and have great fun creating exercises that we can use at home and at school.

We end the topic with a Healthy Living Day, where we can share our work with our parents and test them on their knowledge of how to keep healthy!


After half term our topic is…


We begin by learning all about the famous ship Titanic and it’s fateful journey after it set sail from Southampton. We use nonfiction books and artefacts to become Independent Researchers to find out lots of facts about the ship itself. We discuss how different Titanic’s era was to today, particularly how the passengers were divided into first, second and third class areas of the ship.

Mid way through the topic, we visit the Sea City Museum in Southampton where we learn even more about the ship! It brings the topic to life, learning about the lives of the people who were on board. It even brings some dressing up and role play into the topic so we get a real feel for life on board.



Spring Term

We learn all about EXPLORERS!


We begin our journey by learning about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. We bring our learning to life during a visit from the open Box Theatre Company who take us back in time to 1969 to train as astronauts and go aboard Apollo 11 ourselves. It is great fun and we learn a lot about this historic global event.


We also learn about Captain Robert Scott’s exhibition to Antarctica and chose our own explorer to research at home to show off our Independent Researcher skills. We put our explorer skills to the test through some role play activities that include making our own dens.


We end our Explorer Day where we invited our parents to join us for some fun activities. We also get the chance to share our home learning projects about our chosen explorer with others across Year 1. We are very proud of how hard the children work on their home projects and how creative they are.


After half term our topic is...


We learn all about how transport has changed over the years and use a timeline to help us see these changes. We learn more about this during our trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum.



We also focus on our local are of Hiltingbury and Chandlers Ford and think about the human and physical geography features we have. We look at Google Earth, maps and aerial photos to plot these features. We also go on a walk around our local area to see them for ourselves.

During this topic, we work as Team Players to work together to build our own vehicles from junk materials. After, we test them to see if they actually move on our class race track.




Summer Term

Our topic is…


This half term, we look closely at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and write our own versions of the story. We use this to look at plants too and carry out a science experiment to see what our own beans would need to make them grow. As the weather improves, we also walk around the school grounds, discovering what different plants grow.

At some point in the topic, we often have a visitor invading our classrooms…a real giant comes into the school! We need to find the belongings he has left behind and report this news to other people. He is not the tidiest of giants and often leaves us quite a job when it comes to clearing up after him!

At the end of this topic, we work as effective participators, practising and performing in our own class productions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We love performing this to our parents and demonstrating our understanding of the story.


After half term our topic is...


As we head more into the summer weather, it is the perfect opportunity to get outside and learn about the little creatures that live in our school grounds. We explore our surroundings to see what minibeasts we can find, thinking about their habitats and why they live there.

The highlight to this topic is our trip to the Beaulieu Treehouse Study Centre where we learn about the minibeasts that live in the ponds as we do some pond dipping. We work hard to match what we find to the information sheets and report back to the people who work there with what is living in their pond. We also head into the woods nearby to see what other minibeasts we can find.

To round off our topic, and our year in Year 1, we invite our parents in for a Big Bug Hunt, when we can work together to find even more minibeasts and share our findings.

As we prepare to move onto Year 2, we talk lots about what we are hoping to achieve next year and what we enjoyed over the course of our time in Year 1







Awards we have achieved so far.