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Year 2-Topics and Overviews

Welcome to Year 2

We are Cedar, Holly and Spruce Class

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Our Year 2 curriculum aims to be strong, rich, broad and inspiring for the children so they are eager to connect with new knowledge and their existing knowledge about a topic. The curriculum is planned and clearly sequenced so that new knowledge and skills are built upon.


 Autumn Term

Castles and Knights

To launch the new school Year 2 children are inspired by our first exciting trip to Arundel Castle. The children learn about what life was like in the Medieval times and have first hand experiences such as dressing up in costume, walking along the dry moat, learning about and handling historical artefacts. This immediately brings to life the learning of history as well as giving opportunities for the children to ask and answer questions about the past.           

In class, real experiences such as the visit, reading interesting stories about knights and dragons as well as non fiction texts are carefully selected to inspire writing for different purposes and to build on key English skills.

In science the children learn about the seasonal and weather changes during the Autumn months.  By using the school grounds they develop their science skills such as planting bulbs as well as carrying out observational skills to gather data over time about the rainfall. 

The company IBM visit the year group for an active 'Try Science' morning. The children investigate and complete simple comparative tests that require them to ask scientific questions. It certainly develops enthusiasm for science and technology.


The children learn to apply their learner for life skills as they engage creatively in teams. At the same time they are developing skills for designing, making and evaluating their junk model castles.                                           

At the end of the half term the children enjoy presenting to their parents what they have learnt in an exciting Medieval Fayre where songs and dances are performed to an audience.


In the final week of the half term the children end with a fantastic whole school Arts week which incorporates music, colour, pattern, shape and texture. Visitors join us to bring music and art to life such as Bollywood dancers, local artists and musicians. Some wonderful pieces of artwork, drama, music and dance are created during this week which are celebrated in a class Art Exhibition.      



Fire Fire!

The next half term begins by involving the children in a superb drama experience with 'The Open Box Theatre' company about The Great Fire of London. In the drama workshop the children travel back to a time of spots, rats, sneezes and fleas and relive the sights and sounds of crowded London in 1665. Through the drama they meet key historical figures: the Mayor of London, Thomas Farrinor the baker and Samuel Pepys as they discover the full extent of The Great Fire's impact on London in 1666.

In class they become independent researchers and investigate this key historical event further so that they can write to inform others. They also describe creatively and effectively through writing a description for a book or a diary entry.

In computing the children create their own group 'stop animation' using the Ipads to create a multi media explanation of the key events. The children love working in teams.

The capital cities in the United Kingdom are taught and the children particularly enjoy being able to explore London's physical and human features whilst comparing it to their own locality of Hiltingbury.

Throughout the half term children explore different types of poetry from shape poems that are linked to Bonfire Night to those that require the children to infer, predict and draw out effective word choices about Winter. They become effective participators and perform or share their poetry and Super hero stories to entertain the Year 1 children.


              Spring Term

Heroes and Heroines

To begin the new year the children get inspired by exploring different narratives  and become authors themselves. We read and use hero stories based on ones we have explored in class and find out about the famous children's author Roald Dahl. They love to create their own gruesome descriptions based on his characters of The Twits.


The children learn about ‘Heroes and Heroines' from the present and past. They become more confident independent researchers and learn about historical people that have made an impact in their lives such as the nurse Florence Nightingale, inventors, sports men or women, authors and artists.

In Music they apply their knowledge of dynamics to create their very own percussive piece of music inspired by the storm scene linked to the heroine Grace Darling.

The children celebrate the topic by dressing up as a famous person who is a hero or heroine to them on our fantastic 'Hero and Heroine Day'. They share their own home learning research project with their peers and we are always thrilled and proud of the hard work and creativity they show.



Ahoy there!


To launch the second half of the Spring Term the children learn about life as a sailor from years ago. On our fantastic trip to HMS Victory the children discover more about how unhealthy the sailors were, especially their diet. Back in class the children learn about the different food groups and how important it is to have a balanced diet. Aspects of being healthy will also focus upon creating a healthy mind and body.


In Geography we compare Brighton in the UK and Castries in the Caribbean being two different locations in the world. We think about the human and physical features in these places and present our findings to the class by our creating our own interesting and eye catching leaflet for the reader.

Computing and Maths combine together as they learn about positional language. Beebots are used along pirate themed mats to help the children give and follow clear instructions along a route to understand about algorithms.

To celebrate our half term each class performs and presents to parents as part of a wonderful ‘Pirate Day’. They share pirate stories, art work, singing and dancing. 

Summer Term

Go Wild

The Summer Term starts with a focus on science. The children visit Marwell Zoological Park to be animal detectives and discover information about animal habitats. They learn how animals adapt or suit their surroundings. Within their educational visit the children focus on observing, describing different animals artefacts by using scientific language and knowing the basic needs of an animal for its survival. 

Back in class the children read and explore rich texts about animals such as 'Meerkat Mail' to create their own letters and stories. They work on drawing language from what they have read and use this to help them write effectively to engage the reader. 

Year 2 children love to use creative skills and during this half term they create their very own sewn animal hand puppet from felt. They use their self reflection skills and have the opportunity to adapt their work or enhance it with extra details.

As independent researchers, the children celebrate the topic by dressing up as a wild animal as well as sharing in their own home learning animal research project with their peers.


Our final half term's topic is brought to Prehistoric life by a visit from the 'Life Long Ago' company. In large sandboxes the children locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the past. Even a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops are included!

The children then use their knowledge to become experts and create posters and leaflets about what they have learnt from this special experience.

We often have a visitor invading our classrooms…a dinosaur comes into the school! The children identify the clues that are left by its destruction and report this news to others in a variety of ways.

In the middle of the half term the children focus on 'Green Week'. The children learn about recycling, reusing and reducing waste. Often this requires a letter to our Headteacher to explain our findings! Our Green Week ends in a flourish as the children have a chance to perform in a Green Week Fashion Show. The children work in teams to create new pieces of clothing that requires them to reuse different items of material.

Throughout this term the children have many opportunities to work alongside the Year 3 children to prepare them for their transition to the Junior School.

The highlight at the end of the year is to celebrate the learning and achievements of all our Year 2 children. They perform as a whole year group in their joint leavers assembly for all parents to watch and enjoy!







Awards we have achieved so far.